Log your workout in real-time, different training programs, countdown timer and Tabata timer


Detailed workout log, calendar, execrise sets, weight graphic, your progress


Track your body transformation, photo, full body measurements


Exercises guide, exercises description, photo


Plan your training program - from exercise to sets, calculate your max weight and much other

Data safety

Backup and restore from SD-card and Dropbox

More info

- Real-time workout input

- Exercises guide

- Make your personal training program

- Coundown timer in workout view

- Add and remove sets and reps

- Supersets, alternating exercises

- Workout rating after finish

- Planning workouts

- English, german, russian, italian

- Workout history table view and calendar view

- Export and import to Microsoft Excel

- French, spanish, portuguese

- Backup and restore data on SD-card and Dropbox

- Setup UI style: black or white

- Tabata timer (interval training)

- App customizing

- Body transformation, photos and measurements

- Friendly user interface

- Fitness calculators

- Charts

- User manual

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